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5 May 2009 - Singer Directory launches fully searchable database for the opera and performer community

About this Site

Singer Directory is unique. It provides a fully searchable database of professional opera singers, underpinned by the latest technology.

Singers, or their Agents, upload a singer's CV / Résumé, Biography, Agent details, Photographs, Audio and Video samples to the singer's personal home page. But they also enter details of the singer's work history, simply selecting from the operas, roles, and companies that are already on the database.

The incredibly powerful search engine allows opera companies, and others, to search for singers with specific, relevant, experience - then listen to them sing and / or watch them perform, before contacting their Agent.

Here's just a sample of the types of searches possible:

  • A specific, named singer
  • All baritones in the UK
  • Baritones in the UK who have sung Don Giovanni
  • Baritones in the UK who have sung Don Giovanni in the United States
  • Baritones in the UK who have sung Don Giovanni at the Met
  • Baritones in the UK who have sung Don Giovanni at the Met in the last three years

This powerful search capability makes life easier everyone in the professional opera world.


  • If you're small, and your own website can't handle multiple Photographs, Audio and Video files, just put them on Singer Directory and link from your site
  • If you're big, and can't find out instantly who has the experience appropriate for a particular audition, use Singer Directory to search your own people
  • Whatever size you are, use Singer Directory to put your singers at the forefront of the opera companies' searches


  • Bolster the efforts of your Agent by marketing yourself on Singer Directory, driving additional, targeted enquiries directly to your Agent
  • Or, if you haven't got an Agent, use Singer Directory as your main "shop window", using Audio and Video to display your talents to the full
  • By letting the opera company hear and see you, increase the likelihood of them auditioning you

Opera Companies, Impresarios and Choirs

  • Create a shortlist of professional opera singers, experienced in the roles you need, in minutes
  • Filter your shortlist by listening to singers' Audio samples and watching their Videos - reducing the time and expense of wasted auditions
  • Quickly find contact details for a specific singer's Agent
  • Find a last minute Cover, in an emergency
Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds great. So it must be expensive?
Actually, no. Searches by Opera Companies, Impresarios and Choirs, indeed by anyone, are free of charge for unlimited numbers of searches. And fees for singers (or their Agents) are very reasonable, with three options available:

  • Bronze: Your professional operatic experience in fully-searchable form, plus your Biography, CV / Résumé and any Reviews on your personal home page - free for the first 12 months, then US$2 per month
  • Silver: As for Bronze, plus 12 photographs and 5 audio files on your personal home page - free for the first 12 months, then US$4 per month
  • Gold: Everything you get with Silver, PLUS the ability to add 5 videos to your personal home page - US$2 per month for the first 12 months, then US$7 per month

How do I pay?
Our well known payment processor, PayPal, provides the highest security standards and accepts all major credit and debit cards. Clicking on a Subscribe button takes you to PayPal's secure site to set up the monthly subscription payments.

How long a membership do I need to commit to?
You don't! You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe button on your personal home page and following PayPal's instructions. As long as you keep paying, we keep your home page and associated files on the database and website. When you stop paying, we take them off.

"Free" offers worry me - what's the catch?
There isn't one. With the Bronze or Silver Membership, if you cancel your subscription (by clicking the Unsubscribe button on your personal home page and following PayPal's instructions) within 12 months of signing up, you'll never pay a penny. Similarly, you can cancel the Gold membership at any time - even before the initial 12 month period is up.

Why add Audio and Video to your Home Page?
Your CV / Résumé just shows Opera Companies what you have done. But Audio and Video samples show Opera Companies your ability - it shows them what they will get if they hire you. Having Audio and Video on your home page means an Opera Company (or Agent if you don't have one) can assess your ability before inviting you to audition. As a result, you are less likely to have the hassle of attending auditions where you actually stand no chance of being hired. And, when you do attend auditions, you are more likely to be successful

Can you do the data entry work for me?
We recognise that some people might not want to take the time to enter their details into the searchable database themselves. So we offer an option for us to do this for you, for a one off fee of US$60. If you would like us to do this, please email us via the Contact Form, selecting Data Entry as the message subject.

What level must I be to join the Singer Directory Forums?
None at all! Anyone can join the Singer Directory Forums, and read and post messages, without signing up for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership.

Can I see your Terms and Conditions?
Certainly. Please click here.

Can I see your Privacy Policy?
Of course. That's here.